Outdoor Lighting

Millcreek Landscape Design knows you want landscape lighting that provides exceptional nighttime safety, security, beauty, and appropriate task illumination. You also want a system that is dependable, durable, and that will perform optimally for years to come. We also know that you want it installed by professionals and warrantied.We will custom design your outdoor lighting to your needs.

Landscape Lighting Design

We will design it so that it compliments your home and your landscape design. We feel that the right lighting design accents your property, and makes it that real show piece of the neighborhood, and should never be overdone. We offer many options of lighting to find that right combination that works perfectly for you property.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Our lighting design team will give you the opportunity to discover the true potential of your landscape well after sunset. Custom designed lighting systems reveal the hidden beauty of your property and add greatly to the safety, security, and value of your residence or business. Lighting should never be intrusive to you, your family, or your neighbors. Whether it’s time to entertain or time to relax, you can extend the enjoyment of your landscape well into the evening with Liquid Landscapes’ subtle and tastefully elegant nightscapes.