Dramatic Plantings

Lehigh Valley Planting Services

Dramatic Plantings can be an excellent way to change the way you look at your property. Our experienced Lehigh Valley planting services can help you accent your home and garden space. We can create a focal point that enhances not only the look of your property, but can also enhance its value. We work with you to understand your needs. We use our experience to create your vision. To give you an idea of what goes into making dramatic plantings come to life, we use plants in different ways to add interest to your garden. Make them subtle accents to highlight garden structures, such as a pergola; enhance a particular garden style with them; or treat them as bold, dramatic centerpieces by themselves. Here are other tips for adding to your landscape with plants.

Lehigh Valley Planting Services

Flower Pairings

If you prefer harmonious combinations, we can choose companions with flowers and foliage in a similar color range as the markings. Few pairings are as pleasing as, for instance, white-and-green leaves with white flowers, which look cool and elegant in shady sites and bold and dramatic in the sun. While harmony works well, as in pure white variegation with crisp white flowers and bright silver leaves, contrasting, rich blue blooms can be stunning. Cream-colored markings pair perfectly with creamy yellow, peach, and pink blooms or blue flowers and foliage. Yellow-marked leaves look wonderful with yellow, blue, purple, or orange flowers and with all-yellow foliage, too.

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Leave A Lasting Impression

At Millcreek Landscape Design everything we do, we believe in leaving a lasting impression. That lasting impression is in our service to you and how good you feel about choosing us. We also want a great impression left on others that see your property. We would love nothing more than for what we do on your property to be the envy of your neighborhood.